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Parks Library Dance Resources

Dance Databases

Because there is not a dance major at ISU, we do not have databases that are dedicated solely to dance. However, we do have several databases that can be used to find dance resources. Also, I have listed below dance journals that we have access to. If you ever want an article that we do not have direct access to, you can always do an interlibrary loan to get what you are looking for.

Journal Access (and a few magazines / trade publications)

These are some dance journals that we have some access to. We can also, if you don't know, get pretty much any article that you are interested by doing an interlibrary loan (ILL). Here is a link for the ILL login. If you have questions about ILL, feel free to ask either myself (Anita) or the ILL borrow desk staff. 

Interlibrary loan login:


Journal Title Link to content coverage
Dance Chronicle 1977 - current minus 8
Dance Research

1983 - current minus 4

in print: volumes 1-16 at Parks Library Storage

Dance Magazine 1994 - current
Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance

1998 - current

on microfilm in Parks Library: 1981-2015

Dance Spirit,ip&db=a9h&jid=EC8&site=ehost-live&custid=s8875136 

The Journal of the English Folk Dance Society  
Dance Retailer News,ip&db=b9h&jid=VSS&site=ehost-live&custid=s8875136  
Dance, movement & Spiritualities  
The New Dance Review,ip&db=a9h&jid=NDR&site=ehost-live&custid=s8875136 1994 & 1995 only
Journal of the English Folk Dance & Song Society


Dance Ireland News all access free online
Journal of Music and Dance   
DANZ Quarterly  all access free online
International Journal of Screendance