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Race on Campus: Book Discussion Series

Library staff professional development book discussion

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About Julie J. Park

Source:  Julie J. Park's blog, Researching Race, Diversity, and Asian American in Higher Education

Dr. Julie J. Park is an associate professor of education at University of Maryland College Park. She is the author of several important DEI research studies, including the books When Race Drops: Race, Religion and Affirmative Action in Higher Education (2013) and Race on Campus: Debunking Myths with Data (2018), and articles including When Race and Class Both Matter: The Relationship between Socioeconomic Diversity, Racial Diversity, and Student Reports of Cross-Class Interaction, published in Research In Higher Education, 54(7), 725-745. Her research focus is race, class, and religion in higher education.

Asian American Identity

Race on Campus - Library Book Discussion Series, Fall 2019


Debunking Myths with Data



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