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Race on Campus: Book Discussion Series

Library staff professional development book discussion

Race on Campus - Library Book Discussion Series, Fall 2019

ebunking Myths with Data


Discussion Questions

Chapter 3

Topic: Affirmative Action in admissions

Topic Leader: Susan Vega García

Meeting:  Sept. 11 (LMT), Sept 12 (LOC)

Please read the following & be prepared to discuss at our meeting:

  • Chapter 3: Is Class-Based Affirmative Action the Answer? -- pages 49-70

You can always read more from the book at any time, but these are the Chapters we will focus on in our discussions for today.

Discussion Questions

1. The author presents compelling data demonstrating significant racial wealth gap between Black people and whites. 

  • Why then do we tend to focus on overestimating Black wealth, according to the author?
  • Why then do critics of affirmative action want to do away with race-based considerations in admissions?
  • What data support the author's conclusion that race and socioeconomic class must be considered together to result in more socioeconomic diversity in admissions?

2. On pages 54-55, the author presents a purposeful misuse of data that has been used to support the case against race-based admissions.

  • Had you heard of this specific example before?
  • Have you seen similar attempts to erase or ignore the many barriers that impede students of color in order to make claims they have unfair advantages?