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Race on Campus: Book Discussion Series

Library staff professional development book discussion

Race on Campus - Library Book Discussion Series, Fall 2019

ebunking Myths with Data


Discussion Questions

Chapter 5: Why the SAT and SAT Prep Fall Short

Topic: The Success Frame & SAT Prep

Topic Leader: Susan Vega García

Meeting:  LMT 11.13

Please read the following & be prepared to discuss at our meeting:

  • Chapter 5: Why the SAT and SAT Prep Fall Short -- pages  99-121

You can always read more from the book at any time, but this is one Chapter we will focus on in our discussions for today.

Note: This chapter focuses on the idea of a "success frame" that according to the author drives students from a number of Asian American groups to get into the SAT Prep pipeline in high numbers. While there's much here to discuss, our questions for this chapter will focus on overarching issues of equity and cultural competence.

Discussion Questions

1.  Chapter 5 begins with the author sharing that she first learned about the SAT when she was 7 or 8 years old, due to a friend's 12-year old sibling studying for the exam (p99). 

  • Can you recall your earliest memory of expecting / knowing that you would go to college? How old were you?
  • How old were you when you first learned about the SAT? Did you engage in any formal SAT test prep; if so, how old were you then?

2. Park describes how the "success frame" and heavy socialization into standardized test prep have impacted some Asian American communities disproportionately, causing even lower-income families from some groups to invest heavily in this industry.

  • What are some of the drawbacks to students being pipelined into this industry?

​3. What strategies does Park employ in this chapter to once again avoid stereotyping Asian Americans?