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BUSAD 490H - Honors Independent Study

Resources for Business Honors Creative Components

Scholarly Research Sources

You are required to find and use scholarly research sources in this class. Scholarly research sources are professional information sources written by, and for, other researchers.

Below are some of the most common types of scholarly research sources:

Journal Articles

Peer-reviewed and published by scholarly journals (i.e. not popular press magazines). These articles focus on sharing the results of new research.

Review Articles

A type of journal article that is a detailed and thoroughly researched summary of a topic. Published by scholarly journals and peer-reviewed.

Scholarly Books

Usually topical collections of research articles. Not always "peer reviewed" but editors build the collection and oversee edits before publication. Scholarly books that are authored, not edited, are uncommon in the sciences but not unheard of.


Created by organizations to document work and progress. While not peer-reviewed, if the issuing organization is authoritative then the report can be considered a scholarly research source.

Theses and Dissertations

Documents which present an author's research and findings and are submitted as a qualification for obtaining a degree. These documents do not undergo peer-review in a traditional sense, but the research and writing is overseen by experienced professionals.

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