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SCM 495: SCM Case Competition

Finding Harvard Business Review Cases

To find cases that are included in the Harvard Business Review, search Business Source Elite for:

Harvard Business Review as a Source Publication


Case as a Subject

Case Study Journals at ISU

These are business case study journal available through the ISU Library. See the box below for information about searching for cases in Article databases.

Open Access Case Study Journals

Searching for Cases in Article Databases

Abstracts of case studies and full-text (less likely) are sometimes availalbe through article databases, but you have to know how to search for them.


Do an advanced search for your topic and "case studies" with "subject" selected for both.

Business Source Elite (Ebsco):

Do an advanced search for your topic and "case studies," searching in the "Subject Terms" field.

Finding Books that Include Case Studies

There are many books at Parks Library that have case studies as a component. The easiest way to search for them is to go to Quick Search and do a search in "Books & More" (pulldown 1) and Subject (pulldown 3) for your topic using the search box at the left.

For example:

Personnel case studies

Diversity case studies

Fee-Based Case Study Resources

Academic publishers and business schools generally do not sell business cases to libraries. Instead, they sell them to the public. The ISU Library does not have subscriptions or access to the subscribed content of the following sources. If you want to access to the content for purchase you will have to contact the publishers and buy individual cases directly from them.

These are links to fee-based case studies. Costs vary, but delivery is generally via pdf once the fee has been paid.

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