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Event Management & Hospitality Management Research Guide

This is a general subject guide for the Event Management & Hospitality Management programs

LibKey Nomad

To simplify your access to ISU Library's subscription resources, you may want to consider downloading the LibKey Nomad browser extension. Use this link to learn more about this interesting tool.

Cited Reference Searching

One way for finding additional relevant material is by looking at the references (or footnotes) found in journal articles, books, websites, etc. Use this "How-To-Guide" to sharpen your skills in this vital strategy.

Using Alert Services

You all have unique research foci drawing you into specific paths of inquiry. One helpful technique for detecting when new scholarship on a specific topic has been published is by setting alerts. This comprehensive Alert Services guide will walk you through the how-to process of setting such alerts.

International Newspapers

Some international newspapers in this guide such as The Guardian are fully and freely accessible. But most have restricted access.

To Broaden Your Search, Try Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Article Indexes & Databases

Newspaper Databases

This guide provides information and links for accessing current and historical newspapers. The information is available mostly online but some historical content is available on microfilm.

Below is a list of quick links to some of the Indexes & Databases the University Library subscribes to: