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Resources for learning more about diversity, equity & inclusion topics, from the library's DEI Committee

Learn more about Microaggressions

"Microaggressions are the everyday slights that well-intentioned individuals deliver toward certain people, especially people of color."   More

While everyone feels the brunt of an occasional insult or rude comment, research shows that it is people of color and other underrepresented or marginalized groups who are often targeted by recurring, sometimes relentless micro-attacks and micro-invalidations that chip away at self-confidence and feelings of belonging.

Sometimes those who are delivering microaggressions to others are not aware of the impact of their words. However, not all people who deliver microaggressions are well-intentioned, and many microaggressors are not at all as innocent as they may seem or claim to be.

The selected resources on this page can help you learn more about microaggressions, their impact, and how to stop them.

Selected Readings on Understanding and Deterring Microaggressions

Selected Posts & Articles on Microaggressions