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What is "Coronavirus Racism"?

Coronavirus racism is anti-Chinese and anti-Asian scapegoating and xenophobic reactions, including fear, exclusion, microaggressions, and other racist behaviors related to this public health epidemic.

  • Also includes inappropriate "jokes," innuendos, suggestions that any/all Chinese and members of other Asian communities are responsible for or suspected of having this illness and should be avoided.

    pointing hand  Whether "intended" to be hurtful or not, the reality is that the impact of these sorts of "jokes" is very hurtful and helps spread misinformation.

This page includes selected resources for learning the facts about Coronavirus and for interrupting related racisms, microaggressions, and xenophobia.  Let us know if you have suggestions for additional resources.

SELECTED RESOURCES on Coronavirus Racism and Tools for Interrupting It

Here are a few helpful resources focused on facts and on recognizing & addressing racism and microaggressions related to Coronavirus. There is a rapidly growing body of literature on this emerging topic.

SELECTED BOOKS: History of Anti-Asian Racism & Exclusion

Sadly, there is a whole history of exclusion of the Chinese people and other Asian communities from the US, as well as exclusionary treatment within the US. Here are a few books on those topics.