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DEI Read & Learn

Resources for learning more about diversity, equity & inclusion topics, from the library's DEI Committee


We are an academic institution and a learning organization. We support continual and lifelong learning!  We become a better and more functional organization when we understand and appreciate differences as an organizational strength in the workplace.  

Note: As of May 2023, this online guide and its contents are no longer publicly available nor being maintained; it is accessible here for mainly archival reasons. May 2023; guide author Susan Vega Garcia

Did you know...

  • The ISU Strategic Plan emphasizes DEI as one of our collective primary goals. We want to be in alignment with the rest of the university.
  • The ISU Campus Climate Survey results show there is work to be done!  We have needs to build our own cultural competency levels. This includes learning about various 'isms and phobias (ableism; classism; racism; sexism, and homophobia, to name a few) and power-based behaviors such as microaggressions and oppression. Our learning goals are to gain knowledge, plus learn and practice skills to increase our cultural competencies, and in becoming more equitable and inclusive.

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Suggestion?  Take responsibility for your own DEI learning. Review and read resources on this Guide as starting points, and seek more resources to continue your learning. We are knowledge professionals. We in academia know how to find information when we need it and want it!  You will also learn more in the process of seeking out further information yourself. 

Imagine if your doctor diagnosed you with asthenopia, and then left the room with no further explanation. If you didn't know what asthenopia is, it's very likely you would immediately consult Dr Google and find out more about this condition! In that same way, you can very easily find more resources and information about DEI topics of interest by searching the web and library resources. Don't expect or demand that others do this work for you. Again, you'll learn more in the process of doing your own work.

This Guide provides a few selected resources, and we encourage to continue your learning by searching out more on the topics that interest you! It's okay not to know and to ask for help, especially after you have sought out more information on your own.