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LIB 160: Introduction to College Level Research

Finding, evaluating, and using scholarly information

Course History & Goals

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Lib 160: Introduction to College Level Research is the recognized first step for ISU undergraduate students to learn library research skills and concepts in information literacy. Established in 1890 as an innovative class entitled "Library Use Instruction" for all freshmen, the course was one of the first of its kind nationwide. Lib 160 developed into a required ½ credit class for all ISU undergraduates, dating back to the 1970s. In 2010, the course was approved to become a full 1 credit course, which was implemented in Fall 2011. The name was changed to its current course title starting in Spring of 2022.

History of Lib 160

Since its beginnings, Lib 160 has embraced new technologies for teaching, and has continued to adapt even today. In its earliest years, Lib 160 was strictly a lecture-based class. A printed course manual and written assignments were added to the lectures in 1947. The 1970s featured a brief experimentation with video-based instruction for delivery of the class lectures component. In the 1990s, development of online interactive tutorials began. Today, Lib 160 is a blended face-to-face and online course. Students attend one orientation lecture, then complete readings and quizzes online in Canvas, and obtain additional practice working with web-accessible tutorials and exercises. Some instructors have incorporated classroom clickers and virtual meetings using online conferencing software in their sections of the course. Optional face-to-face review sessions help students review and prepare for the Final Exam. Instructors also hold virtual and face-to-face office hours.

Course goals

This course takes a step-by-step approach to the research process and orients you to the information literacy skills you need for college-level research. The skills introduced here are highly transferable and can be applied to every discipline. You will learn how scholarly information is produced, organized, and accessed; how to construct and use effective strategies in a variety of search tools; how to evaluate information resources for relevance and reputability; and how to use information ethically as you complete college assignments.

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