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Seed Technology and Business Management Graduate Program

Library resources to support the Seed Technology and Business management graduate program.

Citation Management Software

Citation management software, aka bibliographic management, can make life easier for you. What these software programs do is they help you in organizing your citations, writing your citations, and saving citations for future reference. Most of these programs are very similar. Also, if you start by using one and decide later you would like to use another, most of them use the same file extensions so that transfer between the various programs is simple. Of the three mentioned below, 2 of them are free, and the third one is free for students and faculty at ISU, while you are here.

Here are a few comparisons of different citation management programs:

Three popular programs:

Citation Guides

Below is a list of citation guides for APA, MLA and other citation styles. The majority of papers written in your agronomy coursework will likely require you to use the style guide published by the trisocieties. In the following box is a description of the various types of software you can use for creating and managing citations of your own.