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Open Access Publishing: Where to Start

This guide accompanies the workshop "Open Access Publishing: Where Do I Start?" co-sponsored by the Grad College and University Library.

Step 6: Share other research outputs

You can share more than just your research articles or book chapters when you go open! You can also openly share your research data, protocols, and other scholarly works. Making these outputs open is usually referred to as a type of Open Science.

In this section, we will focus on sharing data; however, you can share your protocols, peer reviews, and other scholarly outputs openly as well. 

Sharing Data

Sharing your research articles openly can be useful for improving the discoverability of your work and allowing others to learn from your research. Sharing your data is beneficial in a similar way. Some of the benefits of sharing your research data include: 

  1. Providing another access point for interested researchers to learn about your work and find your publications. 
  2. Allowing other researchers to learn from your results and use the data points you found but did not report on in your write-up of the results. 
  3. Providing context to allow for others to more easily reproduce and verify your results. 

Where to Share Data

Best Practices for Data Sharing

Sharing data in a responsible manner means managing data in a responsible manner during (and after) the research. To be successful:

  • Make a plan
  • Document it
  • Update it (as needed)
  • Share it (with collaborators)
  • Stick to it!

For more information about organizing preparing, and sharing your data openly, check out our Data Management Plan Guide: 

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