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Open Access Publishing: Where to Start

This guide accompanies the workshop "Open Access Publishing: Where Do I Start?" co-sponsored by the Grad College and University Library.

Step 4: Submit your work for publication

Before you decide to submit your manuscript for publication, be sure to complete the items on our checklist: 

checkboxIdentify a publisher for your work

checkboxFormat your manuscript's text, margins, and headers according to the publisher's guidelines

checkboxFormat your citations (See our EndNote, Zotero, and Mendeley guides for more help)

checkboxSeparate or include figures and images according to the publisher's guidelines

checkboxDouble-check your manuscript for spelling and grammar mistakes

checkboxLocate funding for your publication (if applicable) 

checkboxClear copyright conditions to share a copy of your publication in the ISU Digital Repository (our staff can help with this process)

checkboxMake sure that you have explicit ownership or copyright permission to reproduce figures, images, and other items included in your manuscript

checkboxSubmit your manuscript for publication


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