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R-user and support groups at Iowa State

by Megan O'Donnell on 2018-03-21T15:15:00-05:00 in Research & Publication | Comments

Last updated: 2018-05-21

After a conversation post-Data Carpentry workshop here's a list of the known R groups and classes on campus:

Support groups

Rgronomists (agronomy)

LunchinatoRs (ecology)

R-Ladies: Ames/Iowa State University

ISU classes that teach R

STAT 579: An Introduction to R

Offered: Fall semester

The section for STATS majors has a prereq (STAT 500) but the section restricted to Majors other than STAT does not.

An introduction to the logic of programming, numerical algorithms, and graphics. The R statistical programming environment will be used to demonstrate how data can be stored, manipulated, plotted, and analyzed using both built-in functions and user extensions. Concepts of modularization, looping, vectorization, conditional execution, and function construction will be emphasized.

STAT 587: Statistical Methods for Research Workers

Offered: Fall semester.
This class teaches either R, JMP, and/or SAS depending on which professor is teaching. You will need to email the professor to find out if R will be taught. You can find this information in the Schedule of Classes.

Prereq: An applied statistics course at the undergraduate level, such as STAT 101, 104, 105, 201, or 226. Students without an equivalent course should contact the department.
A first course in statistics for graduate students from the applied sciences. Principles of data analysis and scientific inference, including estimation, hypothesis testing, and the construction of interval estimates. Statistical concepts and models, including group comparison, blocking, and linear regression. Different sections are designed for students in various disciplines, and additional methods covered may depend on the target audience. Topics covered may include basic experimental designs and analysis of variance for those designs, analysis of categorical data, logistic and log-linear regression, likelihood-based inference, and the use of simulation. Equivalent to STAT 401 in previous catalogs. May not be used for graduate credit in the Statistics MS and PhD degree programs.

Don't know what R is? Learn the basics.

Know of another R group? Run a group? Need to update a group's info? Email updates to Megan.  

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