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Distance Learning Library Support

This guide supports ISU distance learning students & instructors to more easily access and use our Library materials and services!

Need it delivered?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) & Document Delivery

Need an article or book we don't own?

This speedy delivery service provides a handy way for ISU students, faculty, and staff to borrow materials we don't own, and to have these materials delivered to you. You can even request materials we DO own but you need to have delivered to you.

Use the ILLiad online form to request articles, books & other items be delivered to you. Use your ISUNetID (not Library Borrower ID & password) to login to the online request form!

Speedy Delivery

Using Quick Search to Find Articles

Quick Search - find full-text articles fast! Quick Search helps you find many different types of materials the ISU Library owns or provides access to, ranging from books, ebooks, videos, print journals and ejournals, multimedia, articles, and much more.

To find articles:  Do a search in Quick Search. Next, use Tweak my results on the right of your search results page and choose Articles, under Format Type.  Alternatively, use Quick Search's Advanced Search and choose Articles with the Material Type drop-down menu.  

You can also use Advanced Search's other drop-down menus for more control. For example, you can specify that your words appear in the title or author or subject areas, if that is helpful. You can also narrow or redirect your search results using the Tweak my results links that appear on the right of your search results.


Using Subject-Focused Indexes to Find Articles

Article Indexes & Databases: Quick Search can be a great starting point for finding a quick set of articles on your subject, but it doesn't cover all topics or all articles out there. To do more in-depth research, you'll probably want to use a subject-focused research index to find a much more comprehensive set of articles on your topic. You'll find we have subject coverage from Agriculture to World Languages!

Find an index in your subject area by using the drop-down menu on the Article Indexes and Databases page. You can choose a subject area, and a subcategory (if necessary). Alternatively, if you know the name of the specific index you need, just type the index name in the search box at the bottom of the page.

Remember that every index may have its own interface, search features, and other options. You'll want to explore the indexes you use to familiarize yourself with both the basic and the advanced search features they include. Most indexes have their own Help files for you to learn more. You can also use Ask Us to chat with ISU library staff if you have questions on how to use any of our indexes.

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