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Streaming Videos: Collections and Guidelines

Great information on the Library's many streaming video packages & Course Reserve options!

ISU Class Use

The ISU Library has been acquiring a number of important collections of streaming video titles. But what if you want to stream a video that the Library doesn't have streaming rights for already? This page describes the Library's Course Reserve streaming video services for ISU distance and fully online courses. 

Course Reserves: Streaming Rights & Permissions

1. Library eReserve Streaming Video Pilot Project

In Summer 2010, the ISU Library began a small pilot project of streaming videos for Course Reserves for ISU distance learning courses. Due to continuing external difficulties in securing streaming copyright permissions, the Library’s video and DVD streaming project continues to be limited to ISU distance learning courses only, meaning those courses that are entirely online and whose students are at a distance from Iowa State, making it unrealistic for them to visit the Library to view videos or DVDs on reserve for their course. This Guide page describes the parameters of this service and procedures, and serves to guide instructors wishing to participate and helping you know what to expect.

2. Acquisition of Streaming Rights / Permissions

Our standard policy is to ensure the Library's Course Reserve practices and procedures for materials in any format are in adherence with current federal copyright laws. Similar to the copyright clearance process that print and many electronic reserve items undergo before being placed on the Library’s eReserve system, digital streaming rights will need to be acquired or verified prior to any streaming video or DVD being made available online for Course Reserve in the Library.

Submitting requests for video or DVD streaming must be done well in advance of date needed. Unfortunately, the industry is sufficiently under-developed such that the Library currently cannot guarantee content and permissions will be available or successfully be acquired for a requested video.

Time considerations: As of this writing, there is no one model adopted by video and DVD film vendors and distributors for granting or selling streaming rights, nor is there any centralized clearinghouse (such as the Copyright Clearance Center) yet available for handling copyright issues related to video and DVD streaming requests. A few major video distributors have developed subscription-based streaming video platforms for their video titles.  ISU Library subscribes to several of the largest of these platforms.  We strongly encourage you to browse these licensed video collections for your courses!  Beyond these major players, a few video and DVD distributors have developed pricing and acquisition models for streaming selected titles, but many video and DVD distributors do not yet have their own policies or procedures developed for routine handling of streaming permission requests. This means that Library staff must seek permissions information on a title by title basis for each video streaming request. Instructors should be aware that the process of seeking permissions may be a time-consuming process without guarantee that permissions for an item can indeed be acquired.

Budget considerations: In addition to the time it takes to research each title to verify availability of streaming rights, instructors need to be aware that budget considerations may limit the number of requested streaming video titles the Library is able to furnish for a given course. It is not unusual for streaming rights for one DVD alone to cost $200. A number of video distributors impose an additional charge for streaming rights for a limited specified time period, sometimes doubling the cost of the title. Streaming rights are typically limited to a specific semester. If an instructor wishes to reuse a streaming video for another semester/year, often that would mean streaming rights for that title must again be acquired (purchased).

IT considerations: Once streaming rights have been verified with the distributor or purchased outright, the Library will work with Library IT Services, ISU IT Services, or individual distributors as necessary to produce, host, and/or make available the streaming files. The files will be made available via the Library’s eReserve web pages for the specific course for a designated period of time, in accordance with specific permissions for that item. Typically, this would be for a specific semester.

If streaming rights cannot be verified or purchased outright, or if budget considerations limit what the Library can do, Course Reserve Processing staff will inform the instructor that the streaming request cannot be fulfilled.

Created: June 16, 2010

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