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24 Pay Periods

Red Diamond 24 Pay periods

This script will calculate a date cell on a 24 pay period beginning July 1 of the given year, and a pay period on the 15th and last day of the month. Place this script in cell B2 with a date in A2 to see the result.


What is happening?

Use the chart below to figure starting month:

Starting Month IF() VALUE 1 IF() VALUE 2
January 23 22
February 21 20
March 19 18
April 17 16
May 15 14
June 13 12
July 11 10
August 9 8
September 7 6
October 5 4
November 3 2
December 1 0

And then pick a cell for the formula to go, usually directly beside the [DATE CELL] you want to use.

Place those values in the IF statement as follows:


So, a starting date in December with the date 12/1/2009 in A2 and this formula in B2 would look like this:


Try it! Fill the A column with a year of dates, and then drag the B2 formula to the end. You do this by selecting cell B2 and then double-clicking the small back square in the lower right-hand corner of the cell. The formula will auto-fill to the end of the dates in Column A.

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