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Indigenous Heritage Month Exhibit 2022

Online exhibit for Native American or Indigenous Heritage Month 2022 by the University Library's DEI Committee.

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Land Acknowledgement

"Iowa State University aspires to be the best land‐grant university at creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where diverse individuals can succeed and thrive. As a land‐grant institution, we are committed to the caretaking of this land and would like to begin this event by acknowledging those who have previously taken care of the land on which we gather. Before this site became Iowa State University, it was the ancestral lands and territory of the Baxoje (bah-kho-dzhe), or Ioway Nation. The United States obtained the land from the Meskwaki and Sauk nations in the Treaty of 1842. We wish to recognize our obligations to this land and to the people who took care of it, as well as to the 17,000 Native people who live in Iowa today." ISU Land Acknowledgement, Approved and posted February 18, 2020.

We would also like to recognize additional nations with historic and current connections to the state of Iowa, including the Winnebago and Ho-Chunk, the Omaha, the Dakota and Yankton Sioux, and the Potawatomi, Otoe, and Menominee nations, among others. 


Beaded Anishinaabe Dance Blanket Detail overlaid with text that reads "Indigenous Authors: Indigenous Heritage Month 2022". Licensed under Creative Commons CC0.

Indigenous Heritage Month 2022

This Indigenous Heritage Month, we are highlighting recent books by Indigenous authors to celebrate the art, scholarship, histories, and lives of Indigenous peoples past and present. 

We are also showcasing the work of Joy Harjo, member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and Poet Laureate of the United States from 2019-2022.


This exhibit was created by Ben Rearick, Erin Ridnour, and Emily Simmons of the ISU Library's DEI Committee.