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Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Makey Makey kits

Resources for getting started with electronics hardware kits.

Getting Started with Arduino

SIK Guide cover

The kits that are available to be checked out from the library are SparkFun Inventor's Kits v3.2.


They include a how-to "SIK Guide" that walks you through the basics of setting up your first project.


Take some time to review the first few pages of this guide as an introduction.

Your First Project

An Arduino project generally has two parts: wiring and coding. 

The wiring details are diagrammed in the SIK Guide in full color, showing you how to connect various components like LED lights to the Arduino.  This is accomplished through the use of a white solderless prototyping board called a breadboard that has a grid of tiny holes for the component's pins.

The coding aspect is already completed for you if following a project from the SIK guide.  All computers in Room 32 Parks Library have Arduino software with the additional SIK Guide code installed.  Simply follow the animation below and select your project number to load the pre-made code, which you can then modify if desired in order to change the project's function.

                            How to open example circuit 1 code

Collin's Lab

Introductory video with clear explanations (and awesome sideburns) about what the Arduino is and how you can use it.  Runs 7:30.