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Resources to support the gerontology program at ISU

Gerontology is highly interdisciplinary. Because of this I have included resources in a number of areas. If you have any additional suggestions that I have left out, please do feel free to let me know and I can improve on this library guide!

Subject Ranges/Boundaries

Gerontology resources can be found in several different subject headings within the library, and this is reflected in the call number ranges. The reason that all gerontology resources are not all in one area is because this is an interdisciplinary topic and information can be found in various locations on various topics.


Call Number Range Topic
BF724.5 - BF725 Developmental Psychology: Adulthood, Middle age, Old age
HQ1059.5 - HQ1065 The Family.  Marriage. Women: Gerontology (Social Aspects). Retirement
HV1449 - HV1494 Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Protection and assistance, older people
HV5138 Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Alcohol & older people
HV6250.4 A34 Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Crime Victims
HV6545.2 Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Suicide among special classes (Aged/older)
HV6626.3 Social Pathology/Public Welfare/Criminology: Elder Abuse
RC952 - RC954.6 Internal Medicine: Geriatrics