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Resources for finding, understanding, and analyzing resources focused on special education.

Tracking Back Resources from a Citation

You may wish to explore a resource that you only have the citation for. Maybe it is something your instructor sent you to dig into, or maybe you found a really great resource and you want to track back some of the resources they used that are listed in their reference list. Either way you'll have something that looks similar to the reference list below. 



Allman RMGoode HFBurst NBartolucci AA & Tomas D (1999Pressure ulcers, hospital complications and disease severity: impact on hospital costs and length of stayAdvances in Wound Care 12, 2230.
Athlin E
Lejonklou AK & Hällberg I (2001Pressure sores, as an indicator in quality improvement in nursing. Proceedings ICN 22nd Quadrennial Congress, 10–15 June, Copenhagen.

Atwal A (2002Nurses’ perceptions of discharge planning in acute health care: a case study in one British teaching hospitalJournal of Adv Nurs 39, 450458.Beck CT (1993Qualitative research: the evaluation of its credibility, fittingness and auditabilityWestern J of Nurs Rsch 15, 263266.


It works best to first identify elements of the citation. For the example below, the information is fairly straightforward, but some citations may not fully list the journal title for you (see the other two citation examples listed in the above references). If that's the case, it may be helpful to take the abbreviated journal name and search it on Google to get the full/proper name of the journal. 

Author(s) Year of publication Article title
Allman RMGoode HFBurst NBartolucci AA & Tomas D (1999) Pressure ulcers, hospital complications and disease severity: impact on hospital costs and length of stay.
Journal title Volume (& issue) Pages
Advances in Wound Care 12 22-30

From those elements work backward to figure out whether we have it at the library. You can use Advanced Search to look for article titles and specific authors, or you can search for a specific journal title using the e-journals link on the main page to first search journal title, then year, volume, issue to focus in on the correct article. Or often there is a search within this journal option you can use.

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