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Is Everyone Really Equal? Book Discussion Series

Ozlem Sensoy & Robin DiAngelo's Is Everyone Really Equal - Fall 2018 Library DEI Committee Book Discussion

Is Everyone Really Equal: Book Availability


ISU Library: Parks General Collection: 

Ames Public Library: Not held
Available for purchase, roughly $33.00

Barnes & Noble
Available for purchase, roughly $34.00


Outside the ISU Library?

Feel free to use / adapt our materials here for your own group discussions on Sensoy & DiAngelo's Is Everyone Really Equal!  Just link, cite, and let us know how it goes!

Is Everyone Really Equal?


Library DEI Committee Book Discussion Series, 
Fall 2018, Fall 2019 & Fall 2020


-Sponsored by Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, ISU Library


Welcome! This Guide was originally developed in conjunction with a Fall 2018 book discussion series by and for the ISU Library's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee. It remains a work in progress as our DEI Committee uses this book each Fall semester as training for building a shared understanding of social justice issues and for grounding our work. The Guide should be useful to others for its content, structure, and syllabus of additional relevant readings.  Want to host your own discussion series? Feel free to use / adapt our materials here for your own group discussions on Sensoy & DiAngelo's Is Everyone Really Equal.  Just link, cite, and let us know how it goes! 

For questions or comments on this Guide, please contact Susan Vega García.


Özlem Sensoy and Robin DiAngelo are academic researchers and professors with deep expertise in critical multicultural and social justice education.  They are widely recognized as subject experts who have written extensively on DEI topics, social justice education, white fragility, and anti-racism training and practice.

In Fall 2018, the Library's Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion read and discussed Sensoy & DiAngelo's recent book, Is Everyone Really Equal (2017), now in its 2nd edition. The Fall 2019 DEI Committee will read / reread the book again.

The committee group meets twice a month, and each meeting reviews and discusses selected chapters. The topics to be covered include:

  • engaging constructively
  • ​critical thinking & critical theory
  • culture & socialization
  • prejudice, discrimination, oppression, and power
  • understanding privilege through ableism, sexism; the structural nature of oppression through racism
  • and more!

Each session will be a facilitated discussion of selected chapters, led by a member of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee.  Members should read our Ground Rules prior to the sessions.

This LibGuide provides information on the discussion series and Sensoy & DiAngelo's writings. Throughout the discussion series, participants can also help compile our #IsEveryoneReallyEqualSyllabus, an annotated bibliography of resources related to topics covered by the group.