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New Faculty and TAs: Getting Started at ISU Libraries

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You'll be GLAD you worked with your librarian!

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Let Us Help!

Do you want your students to learn to use specific research indexes and scholarly resources? Do you want your students to use academic research tools in your subject area rather than rely exclusively on unvetted web resources and Wikipedia? Do you need to incorporate research skills into your student learning goals for your classes? Do you need help making course materials available online to your students without infringing copyright? Talk with your librarian today!

Let us help you teach your students research & information literacy concepts and skills! You can arrange for your librarian to visit your class to teach information literacy topics (such as getting started with research; evaluation of sources; distinguishing between popular & scholarly materials; evaluating websites; understanding plagiarism, correct paraphrasing, and ethical use of information), and to teach the ins and outs of specific indexes & authoritative finding tools relevant to your class assignments and subject area. Contact your librarian to get started!

Useful Sevices

Library 160 - Information Literacy

LIB160 is a credit-bearing course that is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students at ISU. Students learn how scholarly information is produced, organized, and accessed; how to construct and use effective search strategies in a variety of web tools and scholarly databases; how to choose finding tools appropriate to the type of information needed, and learn critical thinking skills in the evaluation of resources and best practices in the ethical use of information.

LIB160 does not teach students more than basics. If you want your students to learn about research tools specific to your subject area, we recommend you collaborate with a librarian to teach specialized research tools. Librarians can tailor sessions to specific class assignment needs and provide hands-on sessions using various library resources.