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Animal Science Research Guide

Introduction to library resources and other information sources for animal science students and faculty

Article Databases - General

While you can go to the individual journals to find information about your topic, it's much more efficient to search an article database for your topic.

The ISU Library subscribes to many different databases that are useful to students and faculty interested in animal science. Deciding which database to use depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, does the assignment require you to find articles from the popular press, a trade publication,or scholarly journals?

General Database - Start basic and begin your search here. The databases specific to animal science are listed in the next box.

Subject Databases

The following databases do not contain articles from popular magazines or newspapers. The citations in these databases are from a variety of sources including scholarly journals, conference proceedings, and meeting reports. The most usefulresources foranimal scienceare listed below:

Laboratory Methods & Protocols

Consult the Laboratory Methods & Protocols resource guide for more information. Recently aquired protocols include: Current Protocols in Microbiology, Current Protocols in Immunology, Current Protocols in Cell Biology, & Current Protocols in Protein Science.

Animal Science Journals

These are just a few of the animal science journals available online from the ISU Library:

Check the e-journals list for additional journals.