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Architecture and Landscape Architecture Research Guide

Listing of important web resources supporting research and teaching in architecture and landscape architecture

ARE resources

ARE 5.0 is here!

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB), provides information about the exam on their website. This information is essential for anyone planning to take the ARE.

Watch the Test Prep Series

Watch the ARE 5.0 division videos to get familiar with the new exam.

Explore the ARE 5.0 Community

Not sure how to request your eligibility or schedule an ARE division? You can find that information and more in the Taking ARE 5.0 section of the  ARE 5.0 Community. Plus, share study tips and resources, ask questions, and get real-time help from NCARB’s exam experts.


Start Studying

You can find all the resources you need to take your first ARE 5.0 division on the NCARB website, including: 

ARE Handbook

The ARE 5.0 Handbook is the go-to resource for understanding ARE 5.0, providing a breakdown of each exam division, sample questions, suggested study resources, and more.


ARE 5.0 Guidelines

This essential document includes an introduction to the exam and an overview of exam policies and procedures you should know before you take the ARE. 


ARE Demo Exam

Use the ARE 5.0 Demonstration Exam—accessible via your NCARB Record—to practice navigating the exam interface. 

Still have questions? Ask the experts on the ARE 5.0 Community, or contact NCARB customer service at 202-879-0520 or