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Kinesiology Research Guide

Basic resources for locating information for Kinesiology, including exercise, sport science, and public health.

Web of Knowledge

Web of Science (All Databses) is the name of the software umbrella under which several databases reside. Researchers interested in cited reference searching would find the following Web of Science databases useful:

Creating Citation Reports

Using some little known features of Web of Science you can:

  • look for an average citation rate for a specific journal (e.g., American Journal of Botany, Economics and Philosophy, etc.) and compare it to citation rates for your own publications in the same journal.
  • look for the average number of citations to ISU faculty publications in a specific department on campus and compare it to publications from comparable departments at other institutions.
  • generate a citation report for any search set you can create (excluding cited reference searches).

The file above describes how to do these things. (NOTE: examples use library science and the Parks Library, but the same techniques can be applied to almost any other department on campus as well.)

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