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Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Multi-disciplinary resources for HCI

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Morgan & Claypool Synthesis Lectures on HCI - The series publishes state-of-the-art syntheses, case studies, and tutorials in key areas. It shares the focus of leading international conferences in HCI.

Other Useful Databases

Does the library offer access to the journal you want?

How do you know if the ISU library has the specific article you want to see? When you use an index like PsycINFO, you are searching a database of several hundred journals in that subject area, regardless of whether our library provides access to a particular journal.

Today, most indexes provide full text to many of the articles they index within the database itself. If you are in a database and it indicates that it provides the article full text, then you click on it and you'll have the article in front of you. If the index itself does not provide the full text, you will see a button like this: Check SFX for full text availability. If you click on that, our system will check to see if we have it online through any other database. If we do, it should bring up the article you want.

What to do if Get it @ISU only leads you to the page for the database?

  • See if the article has a DOI. DOI stands for digital object identifier. For example, the DOI for the DOI handbook is doi:10.1000/182 but can also be written as Look for the DOI in the information about the article and click on it and if Iowa State has the article in any of the databases it will find and redirect you to where you can view and download the article

  • If the article does not have a DOI, then search for the article in the database it is located in. Copy the title of the article and search for the title with quotation marks around it, it will look like "Title of article" Using quotation marks means that only the exact words within the quotation marks will be searched for. This way you should be able to find the exact article. 

What to do if Get it @ISU is not an option?

Still can't get ahold of the article?

You can request a copy of the article through Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery. Typically you will have the PDF of the article emailed to you within a day or two, however, in some cases you can receive it as quickly as a few hours.


A yellow and a blue circle with a green overlap


OR: expands your search to both things you connect it with

Yellow, Green, Blue. Everything in the drawing

AND: limits your search to both things you connect with it

The overlapping area of the circles so just Green

NOT: limits your search to exclude what you specify

Multidisciplinary Databases

More help with finding empirical research