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FS HN 203: Contemporary Issues in FS & HN

This guide is designed to help FSHN 203 students locate articles and then use Mendeley to move article citations into a Word document for class assignments.

Search Tips

Exact phrase - put it in quotations

  • licorice AND "blood pressure"

Find specific types of articles:

  • licorice AND (study OR patients OR trial)
  • licorice AND "literature review*"

Find magazines or journals: look in the left sidebar of database results pages for the option to Limit To Magazines or Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

Truncate terms if appropriate. Adding an * at the end of a word will search for alternate word endings. For example, clon* will retrieve cloning, clone, clones, clonal.

Finding Articles

The ISU Library subscribes to many different article databases. The complete list is available under "Article Indexes & Databases" on the Library's website.

Your Librarian

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