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JL MC 110: Orientation to Journalism and Communication

Fall 2021

How to Use Some of These Resources

Please watch these short videos for an overview of how to use some of these resources. If you have any questions or need help locating certain information from them, please contact the librarian using the contact information above.

  • Mergent Online
    • Gives a good overview of the database especially about finding financials of publicly traded companies
  • Mergent Intellect
    • Covers how to effectively find competitors in an industry one is researching, and more ...
  • Business Insights: Global
    • Shows how to find company profiles and other related information including industry, brand information, etc
  • IBISWorld
    • A good look at how to find various information about an industry including market share reports and industry profiles. Also competition and industry forecast/outlook can be found here.

Market Research & Company Information Databases


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