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JL MC 110: Orientation to Journalism and Communication

Fall 2021

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To Broaden Your Search, Try Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Key Indexes & Abstracts

Scholarly articles on Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism & Mass Communication can be found by searching the indexes & databases listed below. Material covering each of those areas is interspersed in most of these databases. For example, you'll find some substantial hits on all the three areas if you searched "Sociological Abstracts".

Before diving into any of them, it is advisable to start with ISU Library's catalog "Quick Search" as it enables you to quickly see what is available including from a variety of databases.

If you are looking for other resources such as Market Share Reports, Company Information, Audience & Consumer Analysis data, Psychographic & Demographics, e.t.c., this separate guide can be a helpful starting point.

>For full description of the indexes & databases listed below, click here

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Conference Paper Abstracts (1997 - Current)

This conference abstracts page provides annual lists of accepted papers for the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) conference. They are arranged by "Divisions", "Interest Groups" and "Commissions".

Using Alert Services

You all have unique research foci drawing you into specific paths of inquiry. One helpful technique for detecting when new scholarship on a specific topic has been published is by setting alerts. This comprehensive Alert Services guide will walk you through the how-to process of setting such alerts.

Cited Reference Searching

One way for finding additional relevant material is by looking at the references (or footnotes) found in journal articles, books, websites, etc. Use this "How-To-Guide" to sharpen your skills in this vital strategy.