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Streaming Videos: Collections & Guidelines

Great information on the Library's many streaming video packages & Course Reserve options!

Instructors: Read me!

Instructors: You may wish to review video and DVD titles you typically show in your classes and consider new streaming titles we already own (or already available online) that cover the same curricular content, when available. Review links on this page for ideas!

Note: Many titles in the Library's large streaming video collections have closed captions and/or transcripts! YouTube and similar services often have caption functionality as well.

Quick Search & Streaming Video Titles (Fall 2016)

Note: Due to software updates in early Fall 2016, Quick Search is no longer reliably identifying individual streaming videos in our numerous subscription platforms.  We are working to resolve this problem!  Until it is resolved, it is best to go directly into one of our platforms and search for desired films there.

Welcome! Instructors: Need Streaming Video for your online courses?

The ISU Library has been acquiring subscriptions to important collections of streaming videos. See this Guide for details & links. This linked video is a sample from our subscription to Films on DemandAvailable to ISU community on campus and via off-campus login with your ISU ID number & Library password.



Library Streaming Video & Multimedia Databases!

The Library subscribes to a growing number of multimedia databases that include streaming video - both full programs and clips - on many subjects. Below are some titles you may wish to browse. Many of these databases provide audio transcripts / closed captions and allow instructors to annotate specific clips for student use. Check it out!

California Newsreel

The Library was able to add 20 streaming videos from California Newsreel, a well-known distributor specializing in African American, African, and race studies titles. Links below should work on campus. You can also find these titles below in Quick Search and view them there. When you find your title, just click the title to start the video player - enjoy! (Some California Newsreel titles are also available via Films on Demand- see those marked with * below!)

Women Make Movies

Women Make Movies is the pre-eminent distributor of feminist films and documentaries by women. In June 2014, the Library has been acquiring"in perpetuity" rights to reformat and stream the following 15 WMM titles that have been most heavily requested by instructors. (Note that all titles here are already owned in Video or DVD formats, and available in the Library's Media Collections):

Amor, mujeres y flores / Love, Women, and Flowers

​Beyond Beijing

Hell to Pay

Honored by the Moon

Las Madres: The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo

Made in India: SEWA in Action

Made in Thailand

Nalini by Day, Nancy by Night

Nice Colored Girls

Performing the Border

Señorita Extraviada

Something Like a War

Step by Step: Building a Feminist Movement, 1941-1977

They Call Me Muslim

Warrior Marks

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