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Ombuds Office Resource Guide


This Guide connects you to a wide range of resources related to conflict management and resolution. It supplements the 'in-person' services offered at the Iowa State University Ombuds Office and Parks Library and provides you with self-help information you can use to respond to conflicts you might face at work or in the classroom. Of course, you are always welcome to contact the Ombuds Office and Parks Library faculty and staff for personal assistance in locating additional resources, but feel free to explore and use these online resources whenever you like.

Many thanks to Jeff Kushkowski and the staff at Parks Library for their help and support in developing this Ombuds Office Resource Guide.

How to Use this Guide

Use the topic tabs listed down the left side of this page to find links to helpful information such as "Campus Resources" or "University Policies: Quick Links". If you have questions or need additional help, don't hesitate to contact the Ombuds Office; our phone number and web address are also found on this page. Feel free to submit feedback about this Lib Guide or suggest how we could make it more useful for you.

Find These Books at the I.S.U. Bookstore!

Perfect Phrases for Conflict Resolution by Lawrence Polsky and Antoine Gerschel

Provides a succinct first chapter explaining "What is Conflict Resolution?" plus hundreds of useful ways to diplomatically deal with  specific situations like "Perfect Phrases for an Uncollaborative Peer" or "Perfect Phrases for Dealing with a Micromanaging Boss."

Choosing Civility, the Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct by P.M. Forni

A wonderful refresher that presents firm guidance with a gentle touch.  This quick and easy read will reminds us how to thoughtfully coexist with one another because, "[j]ust about the most important thing we do in life is interacting with other human beings."

Both of these books are also available in the Parks Library general collection.

Did you know ....

"Not every disagreement is a call to arms."

                             Kevin Gannon, "Four Lessons for Aspiring Administrators"; The Chronicle of Higher Education Vitae                         

Ombuds Services

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University Ombuds

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Call: 515-450-7186

To contact the Ombuds office via a secure contact form, please use the link below:   contact us graphic

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