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NREM: Natural Resources Ecology and Management Research Guide

Research guide for the NREM department and affiliated programs of study – animal ecology, forestry, fisheries, land management, etc. - recommended databases, search tips, and more.

Find Reports and Data

Reports and data issued by societies, governments, and organizations can be very valuable sources of research. Unfortunately they are difficult to track down. This page is an work in progress of places to start. Don't hesitate to ask your librarian for help if you're having trouble finding what you need.

Search tips:

Reports and data from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can be best found online through a web search engine such as Google, Bing, or Duck, Duck, Go. Search for an NGO by name (if you know it) and then look for a section labeled "publications", "reports," or "library". If you don't know the name of an NGO you will need to search by topic (ex: sea turtle rescue, plastic recycling, etc.), and then by region (ex: North America, Guyana, etc.) if needed.

Regional (Iowa, Midwest, Great Plains, etc.)

National (United States of America)


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