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Linguistics Research Guide

This is an overview of resources that will help students taking courses in linguistics to get on their way to doing quality research.


This guide is intended for undergraduate and graduate students doing coursework and research in the area of linguistics. You can use the resources herein to search for information on specific areas of study within linguistics -- sociolinguistics, translation, corpus linguistics, etc. -- as well as searching for other linguistics-related terms. If you'd like further assistance in doing linguistics research, please don't hesitate to contact the English Subject Specialist, Dan Coffey.

First Stop!

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts - The definitive database on the nature and use of language, Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts covers three fundamental areas: research in linguistics (the nature and structure of human speech); research in language.

Top Linguistics Journals!

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Guides for Other Areas of Study within English

This is the list of guides provided by the ISU Library for the various topics taught in the Iowa State University's English Department.