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CL ST 273: Greek and Roman Mythology

This course guide is intended to support students taking CL ST 273 at Iowa State University. The focus of the guide is on resources available through the University Library and support for select assignments.

Assignment Instructions

For the assignment we'll be working on together, you will need to identify a retelling of the Midas story and to compare it with the original version you read for class, noting similarities and differences between the two versions.

There are two things to note, here:

  1. It needs to be a telling of the story rather than an analysis, parody, or riff on it.
  2. There must be at least two clear details shared in common with the ancient source (enough to be sure that it is the same story).

How to search for a retelling:

In the library, search for "Midas" or "The Golden Touch" or some similar related term and filter to Topic: Fiction or Topic: Poetry. You have a few options here to find stories of interest.

In a web search engine (e.g. DuckDuckGo or Google), search for "King Midas," "Midas touch," or "golden touch" and another term related to the type of retelling you're hoping to find. For example, "Golden Touch short film" or "king midas stage play" might bring up some interesting results.

You may find some particularly interesting finds on media-specific sites (e.g. YouTube or Internet Archive).

For additional ideas from media that spans beyond what you can easily find, it may be useful to search for a site that compiles modern retellings of the Midas myth, like TV Tropes:

Select Retellings of Midas

Looking for Ancient Examples of the Midas Myth? 

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