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Chinese Research Guide

This is an overview of resources that will help students taking courses in Chinese to get on their way to doing quality research.

Introduction to Library Research

This LibGuide will help you to become familiar with the basics of doing library research whether it's in Chinese Studies, Political Science, Agronomy, or any other discipline taught here at Iowa State.

Interlibrary Loan

If the ISU Library does not have a particular book or article you need, you can use our Interlibrary Loan service. We will borrow the book you need from another library--which could take up to a week. We can also get articles, which will be scanned and sent to you via your e-mail. There is a form you need to complete to get the process started.


From the Chinese Studies section of the ISU World Languages & Cultures website: "The Chinese Studies Program offers language courses from elementary through advanced levels and interdisciplinary courses on contemporary Chinese literature, culture and film."

This guide is designed to help you locate information on Chinese literature and culture in the form of print and electronic books (including but not limited to dictionaries), journal articles (online and full text whenever possible), and reliable websites.

Excellent Place to Start!

The ALA* Guide to Researching Modern China is a great source for getting started with your research on Chinese culture.

The ISU Library has both electronic and print versions of this book! See below for more information

From the publisher's description: "As China has evolved into an economic superpower, interest in the nation's culture and current place in the world has skyrocketed; China Studies are now taught in almost every college or university in the U.S., not to mention in many junior high and high schools. Covering modern China, not just Chinese culture from an historical perspective, this important new book fills a sizeable gap in the literature. Ye offers a research guide that goes beyond a mere list of print resources to reflect the predominant role of digital resources in the changing landscape of scholarly research, teaching critical information literacy concepts and skills in the field of China Studies by Sketching in basic facts and figures of Chinese history and culture from antiquity to the present Detailing key English- and Chinese-language resources in literature, government, statistics, art, film, history, philosophy, religion, economics, law, politics, and more Offering strategies for finding research sources like articles and dissertations, as well as primary sources such as government documents and archives Including guidance on how to acquire print and electronic resources in Chinese This richly detailed, up-to-date work will guide researchers at all levels to the most important resources in the field of Modern China Studies."

*ALA = American Library Association

Print Version of ALA Guide Mentioned Above


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