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APA 7th Edition Style Guide

APA guidelines

How to avoid predatory journals*

  • Informal Solicitation - is the journal emailing you encouraging you to submit a publication? do they love using !!! and have typos and no editors names?
  • Hidden publisher or website - Is it difficult or impossible to find the publishers website and content?
  • lack of rigorous evaluation - Does the journal disclose and have a peer-reviewed process in place?
  • lack of transparency - can you locate information about the editorial process? editors name(s) available?
  • poor reputation - website looks unprofessional, not kept current, and/or in disuse?
  • nonstandard submission processes - e.g. generic peer review system or submissions via email
  • lack of indexing in databases - If indexes/databases do not index the journal, regard it with suspicion.


*American Psychological Association (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association : the official guide to APA style. (Seventh ed.).  pp. 374 - 376.


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