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Research Services in the ISU Library

Researching Elsewhere

If you're planning on visiting other universities or research libraries - here are some tips that might help smooth your way:

Eduroam: Allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain secure high speed Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions around the world. Directions for connecting to Eduroam.

Letter from the ISU Libraries: Some institutions, especially outside the U.S., will grant access to their building or to their collections only after you present them with a letter from someone at your home institution. To request a letter: contact Lorrie Pellack, Head of Research Services. Include information about specific libraries to be visited and your research goals.

Before you go:

  • Contact the library you're planning on visiting (or check their website) to see what sort of privileges you might have as a visiting researcher.
  • Return any books/journals you have checked out from the ISU Library - OR - arrange for someone to return them if any are recalled by another researcher while you are gone.
  • Make sure you have your ISU ID card with you - it may be your key to accessing other libraries.

While you're away: If you have any trouble accessing specific resources, please contact us via the ISU Library Ask Us service to see if we can help!!!

Using Other Libraries Online

Many libraries provide an amazing amount of research materials online through their digital collections - - including historic archival material. A quick Google search can locate links for these. Note: This does not usually include access to online journals or research databases unless they were published as Open Access. There is not 1 single source to search within full-text across all digital collections; however, the following is a selection of our favorite resources.