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This guide includes online resources as well as print-format materials owned by the ISU University Library as well as a small selection of authoritative, free online websites. It also provides search tips for locating additional biographical resources.

pre-set to find only books.


Note that many ethnic biographical sources are covered by Gale in Context: Biography. Start there first, then try some of the sources on this page or look for other books via Quick Search. The best method for locating additional books is to search Quick Search - Advanced Search page - change "any field" to "subject." Type in your topic, then add AND biograph* to the end of the search. For example: "Indians of North America" AND biograph*

Some examples for specific ethnic groups include:

  • Blacks
  • "African Americans"
  • "Asian Americans"
  • "Pacific Islander Americans"
  • "Racially mixed people"

Alternatively, a more general search would be: "Ethnic & Race" AND biograph*