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Bad Feminist: Book Discussion Series

Roxane Gay's Bad Feminist - March 2018 Library Book Discussion, sponsored by ISU Library's Committee on Diversity & Inclusion

Bad Feminist


Book Discussion Series Schedule: Week 2


-Sponsored by Committee on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, ISU Library

Week 2

Topic:  Gender & Sexuality

Topic Leader: Hilary Deike

Meeting:  March 8, 3:30-4:30, Rm 304

Selected readings, from Gender & Sexuality sections:

  • "Not Here to Make Friends" -- pages 95-110

  • "A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories" -- pages 187-198

You can always read more from the Gender & Sexuality section, but these are the essays we will focus on in our discussions.

* Note: In this section of the book, Gay shares very disturbing accounts of being sexually assaulted as a young girl. While we have not selected these essays for discussion, it is important to know that surviving these highly traumatic experiences is part of her story and that she has chosen to share this with us.

Discussion Questions

Not Here to Make Friends

1. Have you ever gone into a situation saying "I'm not here to make friends"?  Did your opinion change / stay the same as time passed?  What changed - you or the situation?

2.  Gay writes that when we go into a situation and clarify that we aren't here to make friends, people are "freeing themselves from likeability."  Do you seek or need likeability to be successful?

A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories

1.  Gay writes that people with privilege have more access to privacy.  Do you agree?  What privileges do you have, and do these gain you more access to privacy?  In turn, does this impact relationships at work?

2.  How can we not be helpless and demonstrate behaviors for the greater good?