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Yoga Research & Wellness

Research on yoga from medical, psychological, kinesiological, and leisure perspectives are covered in this guide.

Library of Congress (LC) Classification System

Yoga can be found/has mentions in many areas throughout the LC system. As with many works, one can find this topic in just about any call number, for example it could be found in the P's (language/literature) if there is a novel about yoga, or in R under pregnancy as in yoga for pregnancy. Therefore, I am not going to account for every occurrence of yoga. I am going to focus on those call numbers that are most relevant to yoga as a practice and how it relates to religion, psychology, and medicine/health/kinesiology.

Before going into details, the general outline description of the different Call numbers where materials may be found:

THE B's: philosophy, psychology, religion

BF: Psychology, Parapsychology, Occult Sciences

BL: Religions, Mythology, Rationalism

BP: Islam, Bahai FAith, Theosophy

BQ: Buddhism

BR: Christianity


The R's: Medicine

RA: Public Aspects of Medicine (70-90 titles on topic)

RA781.67 K45x 2014 through RA781.73 N67 2014. Found on Tier 4.

yoga books in this section cover a wide range of yoga topics, from different philosophies of yoga styles (yin yoga, hatha yoga, bikram yoga) to how to create a home practice and advanced methods of hatha yoga, and yoga for athletes and anatomy of yoga as well.

RC:Internal Medicine

RC49 U295 1985 - Stress and its Management by Yoga

RJ: Pediatrics

RJ133.7 B48 2006 - Yoga for children with autism spectrum disorders

RJ133.7 C44x 2006 - Helping children with yoga

RJ133.7 H37 2013 - Little flower yoga for kids

RM: Therapeutics

RM727 Y64 B88 2009 -   The pure heart of yoga

RM727 Y64 B888 2017 - Yoga therapy

RM727 Y64 G3 1981 -     Acu-Yoga

RM727 Y64 M43 2007 -   Yoga as medicine

RM727 Y64 T66 2000 -   Simple Yoga

Where in Parks Library can these call letters be found?

All call numbers starting with B: Floor 3

  • psychology
  • philosophy
  • religion

R-RB: Tier 4

RB-RZ: Tier 5