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HathiTrust Research Guide

Intro to HathiTrust Digital Library, its Print Disability Access Program, and its Emergency Temporary Access Services program

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Eligible patrons: For their Print Disability Access service, HathiTrust defines "eligible patrons" as "an affiliated user at a Supporting Institution who has a print disability for which access to digital copies of library books is a reasonable and appropriate accommodation."  HathiTrust requires that a patron's eligibility be verified by the institution before any in-copyright materials can be downloaded for use by the patron.

Print Disability: HathiTrust defines "print disability" as "a visual impairment, learning disability, physical disability, or other disability - that impedes a person's ability to access print in the standard way."

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HathiTrust Print Disabilities Access

HathiTrust is a digital library with more than 15 million full-text books, journals, and other material. Their collections include public domain open access material (available to everyone) and in-copyright materials. These digital materials come from participating research libraries and are made available via the HathiTrust digital library platform.  The in-copyright materials within HathiTrust are available only to patrons at the university that contributed that specific item to HathiTrust.  However, the Print Disabilities Access service allows eligible patrons with print disabilities to access ALL materials in HathiTrust.  In 2017, ISU Library became a partner in HathiTrust's Print Disabilities Access service, which allows ISU community members who have verified print disabilities to request digital files of in-copyright material in HathiTrust be sent to them for use with assistive technology. 

How do I participate?  

All materials in HathiTrust are full-text, but in-copyright materials are available only to the university that contributed that specific item to HathiTrust. This means their full-text will not be available to patrons at other universities. When you find in-copyright material of interest within HathiTrust and which ISU did not contribute (i.e., the full-text is not available within HathiTrust for ISU), eligible patrons may login to ILLiad, ISU Library's interlibrary loan service. Fill in the information for the in-copyright item you want. At the bottom of the request form, find the "HathiTrust Print Disability access requested" statement and select YES. Submit your request. Library staff will need to verify your eligibility by contacting ISU Student Disability Resources staff for students or University HR staff for ISU faculty and staff. If you do not wish to disclose your disability or have it verified through these ISU accessibility services channels, you will not be able to make use of HathiTrust's Print Disabilities Access service. After verification, Library staff will download the files and deliver them to you, again through ILLiad. These copyrighted files are for your use only and should not be shared, posted, or stored for anyone else's use.  This service is available only to verified eligible patrons - see "Definitions" on this page.

Step by Step

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