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Alert Services: A How-To Guide

Covers basic techniques for setting up alerts (a.k.a. current awareness services) - including table of contents and saved searches via email, RSS feed, blogs, twitter, and Facebook.

Google Scholar & Google Alerts

Google Alerts - - offers the ability to save searches and be notified when new content is added to Google. Alerts can be limited to just Google News, blogs, videos, Google Groups, etc. Results can be sent via email. Note: After you type in your search, a box will pop open asking you to type in an email address - any valid email address will work. Be sure to check the "Show Options" box to choose how OFTEN you want to receive updates.

NOTE: Instead of Google Alerts you may want to set up Google Scholar alerts (which limits the results to scholarly literature only - so there will be a lot less junk in the results).

Google Scholar offers several different types of alerts: topic, author, and citation.

After you run a search and have results on the screen, look in the left sidebar for "create alert." Simply type in your email address and choose the maximum number of results you want to see in your alert and SAVE the alert.

To create a citation alert for a specific article, click on the number of times it has been cited and THEN click on "create alert."

You do not have to supply a gmail address - any valid email address will work.

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