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Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Multi-disciplinary resources for HCI

Finding Tests and Measures

You are welcome to contact me about tests and measures! My email once again is

Some tests and measures things to keep in mind:

  • Use a database that allows for citation searching and search for the authors of the test to see who has cited it and hopefully their article includes a copy of the test.
  • There are often stricter restrictions on proprietary tests either because of copyright or usage restrictions than other media available through the library. I am not a licensed mental health clinician so I also cannot just get certain restricted tests. This is all to say that just because World Cat says that a medical hospital in Minnesota has a test DOES NOT mean you can interlibrary loan request it.
  • When using tests available on PsycTests, keep in mind that everyone at Iowa State can access them so you definitely need to include a "have you seen this test before" question when using them.
  • Currently, most of the books that have tests in them are part of the General Collection, please be nice to each other and scan the test and the information you need and not keep the books checked out for years.

Websites with useful HCI information

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