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MS Agronomy

a library research guide to assist students in the distance MS in Agronomy program here at Iowa State

e-book packages

A few options for searching for e-books:

Sources of Print Books

Parks Library

Through Parks Library Quick Search you can find both print and e-books. If you prefer print, we will pay for the shipping of books to distance students. Otherwise, you can restrict your searches to only electronic sources so that you only get e-books as a result.


WorldCat is a catalog of library catalogs. The majority of libraries in the United States allow WorldCat to index their own catalogs, which means that most items available in libraries will show up in WorldCat. You can use this as a means to search for books available across thousands of libraries. If a book is available in WorldCat but not at Parks Library, we will be able to get that book for  you elsewhere via Interlibrary Loan.