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LGBTQ+ Studies Research Guide

Selected indexes, e-journals, great books to read, & websites in lgbtq+, gender and transgender studies; in-depth resources

2019 Short List of Nominees

Award recipients announced June 3, 2019 - some are below, along with other nominated books!

Lambda Book Awards

The Lambda Literary Book Awards are sponsored by the Lambda Literary Group. The Awards have been in existence since 1989, with recipients announced each June during Pride Month.  According to Lambda Literary's website, "The purpose of the Awards in the early years was to identify and celebrate the best lesbian and gay books in the year of their publication. The Awards gave national visibility to a literature that had established a firm if nascent beachhead through a network of dynamic lesbian and gay publishers and bookstores springing up across America. Since their inception, the Lambda Literary Awards ceremony has consistently drawn an audience representing every facet of publishing. The Awards have ranged over many categories, reflecting the wide spectrum of LGBTQ books, and from the very first year they have made the statement that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans stories are part of the literature of the nation."

Use the tabs above to view selected Lambda Award recipients and nominees for recent years, along with their ISU Library call numbers. (Note that we are rebuilding this page of our LGBTQ+ Guide to accommodate more books but in an easier-to-use presentation; this work is currently in progress, 6/12/20 svg)

Selected 2020 Lambda Award Recipients

Selected 2020 Lambda Award Nominees

Selected 2019 Lambda Award Recipients

Selected 2019 Lambda Award Nominees (coming soon)

Selected 2018 Lambda Award Recipients

Hi! My plan is to move the "2017 and Earlier" Lambda Book Award recipients and finalists here to create an easier to use list; haven't gotten it totally finished yet, so please do consult the list elsewhere on this page!

The Lammys: Recent Lambda Literary Award Winners

Also of Interest

At Ames Public Library!

ISU Library does not have the following titles in our collections - however, Ames Public Library does have them!

2018 Lambda Book Award Finalists

A selected list of a few 2018 nominees. They may not have won the coveted prize, but they're all great reads!