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English Literature Research Guide

A general guide to doing research in English Literature at Iowa State University


This guide is intended to serve as both a resource for undergraduate students studying English Literature and graduate students enrolled in the English Literature MA program offered by the ISU English Department. Here you will find links to, and descriptions of, many pertinent and useful resources that will assist you in doing research in the area of English Literature. For the purposes of this guide, English refers to literature written in the United States, Great Britain, Canada, and the many post-colonial countries where English is being used.

If you'd like further assistance in doing research in this or any of the other areas that fit under the category of English, please don't hesitate to contact the English Subject Specialist, Dan Coffey

Guides for Other Areas of Study within English

This is the list of guides provided by the ISU Library for the various topics taught in the Iowa State University's English Department.

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Literary Research Guide

The subtitle of the sixth edition of this book, now in electronic form, says it all: "An Annotated Listing of Reference Sources in English Literary Studies." Author James L. Harner has provided an exhaustive list of reference resources in all aspects of English literature studies. There are over 1000 annotated entries in this book that discuss over 1600 different books that cover topics from early English to 21st Century literature, poetry to Children's literature, and authors writing in English all over the world. This, along with the MLA International Bibliography database, should be the first resource consulted when starting research. The book can be accessed here.