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Love Data Week 2024

Event details and data visualization contest guidelines for Love Data Week 2024 hosted by the library Catalyst team.

Catalyst Spring 2024 Data Workshops

Our love of data doesn't stop with Love Data Week. Join us at one of our many data workshops throughout the semester. 

Intro to Data Management Plans - Wednesday, February 21

The Catalyst

Applying for federal funding? Starting a research project? Can’t find your files? You should have a data management plan! This workshop introduces basic concepts and tools for better data management and will demonstrate why data management plans are an important part of the research planning process. Attendees will leave with the knowledge, confidence, and tools needed to successfully implement their own data management plans. This is a beginner level workshop and no prior experience is needed.

Better Data Management in 30 Minutes - Friday, February 23 AND Thursday, April 1 

The Catalyst

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to your valuable files. In this workshop, we'll review five data management practices: backups, organization and naming, documentation, security, and futureproofing. This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their data management.

Escape from Spreadsheet Hell - Wednesday, February 28 

Lib Classroom 134

Spreadsheet software is quirky but there’s always a reason. This workshop introduces ways to structure your research data so it's both computer and human friendly, practices for documenting your work, and functions for simple data processing and quality control. There’s no escaping spreadsheets but you can escape spreadsheet hell. This is a beginner-level workshop that covers how to format and organize data in a spreadsheet program such as Excel. No prior experience is needed.

Dust Off Your Spreadsheet Using OpenRefine - Thursday, March 21 

The Catalyst

Are you tired of spending endless hours fixing typos and inconsistent formats in your data? Are you frustrated with having to do the same cleaning on multiple spreadsheets? Time to switch to OpenRefine, the free multi-purpose data cleaner! This workshop will teach you several powerful features in OpenRefine and you will learn to document your process so you can effortlessly apply the same steps to similar data.
Use of this tool will lead to cleaner data with less oops and more woo-hoo. This is a beginner level workshop, and no prior experience is needed. You will need to bring a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer to participate.

Git Basics for Absolute Beginners - Thursday, April 4 

The Catalyst

Git is a version control system: it tracks and manages changes to your files over time and allows you to include explanations for each change. This enables you to investigate changes and correct problems without losing code or data. Git works best with plain text data (such as txt, csv, tsv files) and most code files. This workshop will introduce you to Git–how it works, its benefits, and how to get started—by learning and practicing the basics. This workshop is for anyone that works with plain text data and code but requires no prior knowledge of Git. You will need a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer to participate.

DH 101: Data for Digital Humanities - Tuesday, April 16 

The Catalyst

What is data, and what counts as data in the humanities? This session will explore the basics of data for digital humanities research including common data formats, structures, and ethical considerations.