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Statistical Data Sources

A guide to resources for all types of statistical information, such as demographics, business, agriculture, and general.

About this guide

This guide is a source of links to data resources in areas such as demographics, business, education, international statistics, and agriculture. If you have any suggestions for additional web sites for this guide, please click on the Email Me box to the right.

Finding Online Journals

You can find the online journals to which ISU Library subscribes by doing a Quick Search on journals from the library's home page. An easier way to find out which online journals we have and what years are available online, search the title of the journal at the following link.

Quick Search - ISU Library

ISU Library's Quick Search is your source for any materials that the library owns (e.g., journals, books, CDs, DVDs, and theses) as well as other materials. In the above box, you can enter a keyword search, but from the library's home page you can focus your searches more precisely.

ISU Library Quick Search - Books Only

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